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Don’t Break the Budget: Employing E-Discovery Processes to Meet Budgets on Small Cases

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A university engaged Buckley in a series of small investigatory matters. FORTÉ tackled large amounts of data with cost-saving e-Discovery processes to stay within budget across all matters.

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  • Client Size:

    5,000 employees

  • Duration:

    4 Weeks

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    The Challenge

    A large university engaged Buckley on a number of small, discrete investigatory matters that required the review of a few hundred to several thousand documents depending on the matter. Without effective budget management and oversight of e-discovery costs, handling small investigations would quickly prove cost-prohibitive relative to the overall value of each matter.

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    The FORTÉ Way

    The FORTÉ team worked closely with the university’s IT and business managers to assess the e-discovery needs of each case before deploying the appropriate cost-saving process and technology, such as:

    • Taking a first cut and narrowing the universe of potentially relevant documents by using a full suite of analytics within an Early Case Assessment tool
    • Using the full set of advanced analytics tools in Relativity, such as email threading, concept clustering, and near-duplicate analysis — at no additional cost to the client
    • Avoiding hosting fees until the team had homed in on the final set of potentially relevant documents that merited attorney review
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    Smaller investigations often come on a shoestring e-discovery budget, even when the overall data volume to be collect or analyze does not necessarily correspond to the narrow set of issues under investigation. A creative and cost-conscious approach — one that combines cutting-edge technology and careful planning — allowed our clients to conduct a thorough inquiry on a reasonable budget.

All of our cases use ECA, email threading, predictive coding, and analytics at no cost.


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