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Email Threading: Using Technology to Reduce Attorney Time

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The FORTÉ team reduced the number of documents requiring review to just 1 percent of an initial data set by combining email threading with other culling techniques, realizing dramatic savings in attorney review time without additional technology costs.


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  • Client Size:

    15,000 – 20,000 employees

  • Duration:

    5 Weeks

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    The Challenge

    Attorneys routinely spend considerable time reviewing multiple iterations of email chains, despite the significant amount of repetitive content among emails that belong to the same thread. This can lead to significant review costs and increases the likelihood of inconsistent coding of similar content among different reviewers.

    Why spend time reviewing multiple chains of the same email thread if the latest chain already contains all of the unique content in one place?

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    The Forté Way

    Email threading technology allows our attorneys to focus only on the most-inclusive email content, filtering out duplicative back-and-forth portions of the chain. And the technology is smart enough to identify any unique content in one convenient place.

    Take the example below, in which each blue box represents the unique and cumulative content that is also contained in the preceding white boxes. If attorneys focus on reviewing only the blue boxes, the reduction in volume is dramatic: Instead of reviewing over 40 boxes (i.e., 40 emails), attorneys need analyze only six emails.

    When coupled with other culling techniques and advanced analytics, the technology allows our attorneys to analyze large swaths of email in a fraction of the time that a traditional review workflow would take.

    And the best part: This technology comes at no additional cost.

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    The Perspective

    Email threading provides quantifiable gains in document review speed and efficiency by reducing the number of times emails that are a part of achain are reviewed. In addition to time saved, email threading provides greater consistency in document responsive determinations, document redactions, and privileges determinations.

Through the use of analytics, culling, and email threading, only 1 percent of the data set required review.


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