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Introducing FORTÉ, a strategic approach to mitigating information governance and e‑discovery risks and costs. Our approach is designed to cut cost and find relevant information faster. By using machines and people intelligently, we free our attorneys to focus on legal thinking and create the best possible outcomes for our clients.


FORTÉ's e‑discovery offering utilizes turn-key best practices to deliver cost-effective, high-quality services to clients facing complex discovery challenges. We know that case size or data volume does not necessarily correlate to complexity. In cases both large and small, an upfront investment in finding the right approach can pay substantial dividends down the road.

We combine strategic input from Buckley attorneys, state of the art technology, and expertise in e‑discovery protocols to provide clients with a comprehensive and tailored experience — from information governance and negotiations with opposing counsel to the preservation, collection, review, and production of electronic information.

The result is a seamless suite of e‑discovery solutions providing outstanding client service and achieving positive client outcomes.


The core of what we offer is a smarter combination of people, processes, and technology. We arm our team with proven processes and state-of-the-art technology to provide the absolute best in client service and results.

People Our e‑discovery experts have the legal know-how and technical credentials that come with decades of experience in e‑discovery management. Our attorneys provide strategic advice and oversight to align each client’s specific needs and desired outcome with the appropriate legal and technological solution.

Process We identify the processes and technology appropriate for the job, ensuring that each case benefits from a reliable, predictable, cost effective workflow.

Technology We deliver efficient and practical solutions by relying upon the latest validated technology, including advances in e-mail threading, predictive coding, technology-assisted review, data verification, advanced information detection, and enhanced reporting and metrics. Better yet, we leverage our buying power so that we can deploy these technologies economically even for matters with relatively small volumes of data and documents.


E‑discovery can be costly and cumbersome, and in the age of cloud computing, big data, mobile devices, and social media, it’s more complex than ever before. Our approach — informed by knowledgeable and technically savvy attorneys working closely with industry veterans and experts, is designed to make the entire process better. This powerful combination defines the FORTÉ way.


At all stages of the e‑discovery process we employ a surgical approach to reduce unnecessary review costs and inflated hosting fees. In many cases, smartly deployed, automated processes drastically decrease the need for traditional human document review.

Getting to the right starting point does not always begin with technological bells and whistles. A well-planned meet-and-confer conference can often significantly reduce burden and costs and serve as a strategic alignment of discovery efforts that are feasible, reasonable, and proportional to the case. And an investment in a well-documented and defensible information governance program can drastically reduce future e‑discovery costs by shedding data of fleeting value.

A scalable approach.

Each client confronts a different challenge, and solutions are seldom found in rigid templates and legacy platforms. The beauty of our approach is in our ability to fully customize it for different matters, from purely consultative advice to full-scope e‑discovery and implementation of defensible information governance practices. Our approach remains flexible and allows us to adapt to the needs of our client.

An unparalleled level of expertise.

From our first conversations about designing a better way, we knew that whatever we built had to match the knowledge and expertise of our legal team. It was a lofty goal, but an important one.

Too often, we’ve seen vendors in this space who don’t understand the nuances and complexities of the legal world. Just as often, many lawyers are unprepared to oversee technical experts and vendors, with both sides speaking in different languages. That results in huge inefficiencies, missed opportunities, and avoidable errors. You will not find that here.

A guided experience.

We are here to empower our clients. There is a highly technical dimension to our offering, but our role extends far beyond simply measuring gigabytes and tweaking coding panes. We offer an exhaustive understanding of the e‑discovery process and data risk and the ability to help our clients guide and shape matters effectively. We help them navigate challenges, understand options, and make smart decisions every step of the FORTÉ way.

A smarter use of technology.

We believe technology exists to help us do things better. But it has to be deployed smartly to be effective. From data processing techniques that ensure efficient and complete review of relevant information to continual analysis and quality control of output, everything we do is designed to create end-to-end data integrity in a highly focused manner. We use the latest and proven tools in predictive analysis and machine- learning algorithms, from concept clustering to automated categorization, to get the most from every hour of attorneys’ time in discovery matters and also help clients categorize and understand their data assets.


We empower our clients to control their data, so that data does not control them. Information travels at the speed of light, and situations can change in an instant. The marketplace lacks a predictable, consistent, and strategically focused approach. It’s time to evolve! FORTÉ breaks away from inefficient, obsolete processes and technologies and reinforces our position as innovators in the industry. We have defined a new vision to meet our client’s complex needs with the highest standards of service: the FORTÉ way.

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    Smarter. Better. Faster. That’s how FORTÉ handles e‑discovery and information governance. What does that mean? It means better strategies and outcomes enabled by a process that is fully adaptable, scalable, and repeatable. We leverage the combined power of experienced attorneys, adviser consultants, and advanced analytical technologies to classify and understand clients’ data.

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    Machines don’t get tired, bored, or distracted. That’s why we use the most advanced technology available to reduce human hours — and errors. We identify the most suitable tool for the task, and employ that tool efficiently — and cost-effectively — whether it’s classifying information in e‑discovery matters or information that your business relies on to meet its strategic and operational objectives.

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    Time and efficiency often make the difference between success and failure. FORTÉ gets that. We streamline collaboration between subject-matter experts and document review teams, identifying critical case information quickly and early in discovery matters. FORTÉ’s comprehensive approach leads to predictable performance expectations, measurable standards and, most importantly, a successful resolution.

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    We’re only as successful as our clients, so we strive to provide them with the best experience imaginable. FORTÉ eliminates the need for multiple vendor contracts and negotiations. We provide a seamless experience to our clients and the accountability that comes from having one well-integrated team advocating for you, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

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